What is Scratchboard?

Scratchboard is a 2-dimensional subtractive art form. The support typically consists of a white clay coated hardboard covered with black India ink. Sharp tools are used to remove, or “scratch”, through the black ink, revealing the white clay underneath.

Beginner Class

Learn how to create a fine art Scratchboard piece with Seattle-based artist Kassandra Morrow.

In this workshop we’ll be learning the skill of Scratchboard Art while having a fun social evening with made-from-scratch cocktails! This workshop is focused on beginner-level Scratchboard creation and will give you all the skills necessary to move on to intermediate and advanced level classes. You will leave the class with your own finished Scratchboard, while gaining a unique insight on the creation of black and white artwork from photographs. All required tools  and materials will be provided, and your drink is included too!